As soon as possible after submitting your admissions application, submit the online housing application and fee if you desire on-campus housing. UF residence halls are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis determined by your housing submission date.

UF does not offer tours of the residence halls, but you can learn more about on-campus living through housing posts on Facebook.

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We are here to welcome you on Day One. That's what Gators do to welcome new students to the family. Current students volunteer to help you unload and get settled into your new campus digs.


If you desire off-campus housing, the Office of Off-Campus Life at UF is here to assist you in achieving a positive off campus experience. They can help you locate an off-campus apartment or house, find a sublease, post a sublease, find an off-campus roommate, and more.

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We have over 45 dining options on campus including all your favorite national brands along with many vegetarian/vegan options. There are various meal plan options.

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At UF, every Gator counts. The Field and Fork Pantry on campus supports students, faculty and staff who need a little extra help finding healthy food for themselves and their families. The Pantry is a component of the Field and Fork Campus Food program, which creates awareness about food insecurity and sustainable food practices. The program also educates Gators on how to make balanced food choices.

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